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Vauja: ya vitare kana palicha na kan ?Mu tike drkhanti .. Bahuta bada musha ta e bodhe, E pindare dhari chaadile ama gharaku palei jiba je sabu dhana khai deba.Mu kan karibi.Chala Upara mahala ku jiba. Sethi dekhu dekhu jadi paleiba , se bari pataku paleiba.

Raju tu age genhi de. Mu pare genhibi. Hau kahi mu bou bia bhitare banda ku pureiki antheiki genhili. Aau bou dad nka banda ku chusi chusi khaile. Mu genhuthili je majhire father bou bia aau mo banda ku dekhuthile. Mu nirghat bou bia ku kutti kutti genhuthili.

Focal neurological signals reveal anything is pushing towards nerves inside the brain to blame for just one Component of the body

Some actions may help avoid head aches in young children. Drinking plenty of h2o throughout the day, avoiding caffeine, finding ample and frequent snooze, feeding on balanced meals at the appropriate periods, and lowering strain and extra of actions may avoid head aches.

Hau basilu dekhi banda ta kemiti heichi. Mu basiki nangala heli bou mo banda mutheiki dhari haleile. 6inchia banda taa pura rock hard heithila. Bou banda ku dhariki halau patire pureiki chusi chusi khaile. Mo deha sitei uthuthila aau bou mo pela ku dhari banda ku chusi chusi khauthile. Mu bou doodha ku hathare dhari dalu thili.

Major headaches are more obscure than secondary complications. The precise mechanisms which lead to migraines, stress headaches and cluster complications will not be identified. There happen to be distinctive theories after some time which try to demonstrate what transpires inside the brain to bring about these head aches.

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Problems are broadly categorised as "Most important" or "secondary".[4] Principal headaches are benign, recurrent problems not a result of underlying illness or structural issues. For instance, migraine is a type of Key headache. Even though Most important complications may possibly lead to considerable day by day suffering and incapacity, they don't seem to be unsafe.

For a here brain mass receives bigger, or perhaps a subdural hematoma (blood outdoors the vessels beneath the dura) it pushes a lot more on surrounding structures producing soreness. Medication overuse head aches worsen with additional medication taken after a while.

2minuter modhyei jal chere or mukhe gud chepe dhori. O puro jalta kheye bole khub delicious re jalta. Ei janyei to tomake chaichi pisimoni. Tomar gudta ja vebechilum tar thekeo valo.

Treatment of the headache will depend on the fundamental result in, but generally involves pain medication. A headache is One of the more usually expert of all physical discomforts.

The diagnostic approach to headache in kids is similar to that of Older people. On the other hand, younger little ones might not be capable of verbalize ache effectively.[fifty eight] If a younger baby is fussy, They could Have got a headache.[59]

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